Video is no longer a luxury for your business, 87% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool. There are low-cost ways to employ video in your business that will provide some unexpected benefits. I outline seven opportunities to use video to boost your business that you may not have considered.

Companies have been using video in marketing for decades. Over that time there have been significant changes in the ways that video is used and the ease with which video can be added to a website and integrated into the marketing mix.

Video is becoming the dominant form of communication on the Internet, at least in terms of volume of data. Cisco expects that by 2022, 82% of all consumer Internet traffic will be video. Of course, that does not mean that text is dead, for every video posted on YouTube or Vimeo there are hundreds of pages of text published, but video is becoming more influential. It is indisputable that many people prefer to use video for their information and entertainment consumption.
Today’s video isn’t like yesterday’s video!

When I started working online, almost 20 years ago, video consisted of tiny, low resolution, thumbnails that took forever to download. A video on a page was a novelty serving little useful purpose. Today a business website that does not incorporate video in its messaging is missing out on communication, relationship building and persuasion.

In this article, I am going to look at several ways that you can use video in your web pages to boost your business. Importantly, I am going to consider options that are not just video brochures and advertisements passing off as content. Video can do much more than sell, sell, sell; used correctly you can use video to empower your clients and prospects and build a relationship with them that will result in increased revenues and customers who can also become evangelists for your offerings and brand.

One of the advantages of the suggestions I am making here is that the video content you create for these purposes need not be expensive or challenging to create yet will be very useful, even saving time for your staff!

1) Create videos to help clients understand your products better.

How often have you purchased a product and then not used it as much as you expected because you found it hard to understand or there was a series of steps that you never got around to mastering? The same thing could well be happening to your offerings. Try creating videos that demonstrate how the product or service is used. Such videos do not need to be complex, they just need to show the steps in a clearly visible way, and any narration should be clear and to the point. You can use screen recording software such as Camtasia for software products or online services or an inexpensive video camera (even a smartphone can do!) for physical goods and processes.

If you make these videos available before purchase, then they not only serve as a customer service tool but as a sales aid -giving the viewer the confidence to make a purchase because they can see how the offer meets their needs.

2) Use video to train new staff members (and new clients!)

Videos used for clients can also serve your new team members to increase their product knowledge and confidence, enabling them to support your clients. Also, you can use video to demonstrate your backend systems. I have used videos to train new team members exactly how to add pages and content to the company website saving hours of training time that previously required a staff member to demonstrate each step of a long process.

3) Make video testimonials

Written testimonials are great. Testimonials a potent sales aid; increasing the confidence of a prospect and pushing them over the edge to making a purchase. Video testimonials go a step further because they are personal. The viewer can relate to the person they are seeing and imagine their own satisfaction. Video testimonials do not need to be intrusive to produce. Webcam quality video is perfectly adequate and probably is more authentic than a highly produced recording.

4) Repurpose written content as videos for client convenience

When I write content for my website, I often use the words to create a video article. The sight of a real person talking about a topic related to their field of interest builds a relationship between the viewer that can turn them into a prospect and then a client in a way that reading a blog post never can. Again, it is not expensive or difficult to produce such videos. When I started out making videos of this type, I used a high-quality webcam from Logitech, a lapel mic, and a couple of LED lights to give enough light for a quality recording without making myself uncomfortable. Total cost was less than $250.

5) Increase organic search visibility with videos

Now that video is so important to Internet users; search engines are taking note of video content. YouTube, owned by Google, is now the second largest search engine after Google itself and although links from YouTube to your pages carry no organic search ranking benefit, a well promoted, relevant video on YouTube can appear at the top of Google’s search results. Well ranked video on YouTube will drive traffic to your pages directly, and the video links in Google’s results drive traffic to your videos and on to your own web pages.

6) Use explainer videos to share your product/service value proposition

The value proposition of your product or service is the promise that you are making to potential clients about how you can solve a problem for them. An explainer video can quickly and clearly show the benefits that you are offering.
With a complex offer, it can be difficult to understand how your products address the customer’s needs. At the simplest level, you can use existing footage prepared for other purposes such as training videos supplemented with a voice over. As your budget permits, you can upgrade your content to more professional and compelling video content.

7) Spread the word with your video content

Videos are the most shared content on the Internet, look at your Facebook or Twitter feed to see the truth of this. If you create useful, informative content that is relevant to your target audience then people will share that content. Show people how to solve a problem, give them hints and tips, and your videos will get shared. According to Sprout Social, a social channel management specialist, videos posted on Facebook are 12 times more likely to be shared than text content.
Every time a video is shared it is acting as a free advertisement for your business. Every time a video with your branding is seen it increases the credibility of your brand to the viewer. The result is that people viewing your videos are more likely to become your clients than those who do not!

Don’t miss opportunities by rejecting video!

As you have seen, video presents opportunities that go far beyond advertising. You can benefit from efficiency improvements in the training of both clients and staff. You can make it easier for prospects to move through your sales funnels and even get more traffic to your web pages. If you are not benefiting from using video in your business, you are creating opportunities for your competitors.


How to Boost Your Business with Video Content
March 19, 2019